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Accelerate Change the Solution Focus way

Solution Focus is a smarter model for change, unique in its simplicity. Much of Solution Focus has been around in various ways for some time. This deeply field-researched approach is used to clarify issues and seek paths to solutions.

What makes it different more effective for change is its framework:

Best of all, it works rigorously around the client’s existing systems – there’s no right way, just a better way based on what works for the client.

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Selling your services the Solution Focus Way

For managers and consultants who use Solution Focus, a few thoughts on how to help customers buy your services:

Understanding Solution Focus

From the book, The Solutions Focus by Paul Z. Jackson and Mark McKergow: The Solutions Focus offers a refreshing method of change. Derived largely from an innovative strand of psychotherapy, it is increasingly applied within organizations. It is deceptively simple, yet by no means easy, as Paul Z. Jackson and Mark McKergow explain.