Leading & coaching

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Leading and coaching teams

Leading is about getting extraordinary, sometimes just good things done through people. It’s about getting programs implemented by clarifying goals and delegating authoritatively so that people take ownership and accountability.

Coaching is about powerful questions that empower people to work out solutions for themselves, take responsibility and put things in action.

The effective leader no longer ‘tells,’ they ask better questions. Once you have defined your individual leadership style, how do we help people make sense of what needs to be done? How do we assess what questions to ask?

This session will build on your existing leadership skills – yes you already have them –and helps you decide how you can help people make sense of what they need to do.

Session outline: Leading and coaching teams

–  What is leadership today and why is it more important than ever

–  What are the essential elements of leadership

–  What’s your leadership style

–  Focusing on solutions, not problems

–  Why coaching?

–  What coaching tools can I use

–  How can I practice leadership and coaching right away

Alan blends theory and storytelling with active practice of the ideas – the combination allows you to implement the ideas right away.

Alan Kay of the Glasgow Group is a Solution Focused change management specialist in organizational and people strategy. Formerly managing director of a marketing & communications business, Alan’s clients cover a broad range of sectors. Alan’s Solution Focus work includes a number of proprietary approaches featured in a variety of books and journals. He teaches executive development students at Schulich School of Business and at the Canadian Marketing Association.