Stakeholder Consultation

The Glasgow Group provides Stakeholder Consultation Facilitation (sometimes known as focus groups) for a wide range of organizations. They uniformly find that the facilitation process provides exceptional value:

“The Canada Media Fund launched a nationwide stakeholder consultation process in the fall of 2009 that included travel to 14 cities. This process included a wide cross-section of the television and new-media industry stakeholders in Canada – broadcasters, funders, producers, unions and guilds, industry associations and national organizations – with competing and conflicting agendas, and often little understanding of each other. Without the advice, guidance, process that he developed and focus group sessions led by Alan Kay, this could have been a recipe for disaster. Instead what we have is understanding – if not always agreement – and an environment of trust and knowledge on which to move forward.” Valerie Creighton, President and CEO, Canadian Television Fund | Fonds canadien de télévision

Clients value an approach that goes beyond the usual ‘capture and synthesis’ of discussions:


– by engaging stakeholders in a purposeful dialogue about both what’s working and what needs to improve, the stakeholder voice is reasonable

– planning decisions are easier and clearer

– action plans align with both the organization’s goals and those of the stakeholders

What’s different about our approach?

We are deeply Solution Focused in all of our work and we are regarded as one of the leading users of the Solution Focus approach. This intensely researched approach has been around for 30+ years and is used to clarify issues and seek paths to solutions. It works rigorously around the client’s existing systems – there’s no right way, just a better way based on what works for you.

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