The Glasgow Group has provided Strategic Planning Facilitation for a wide range of organizations for over 10 years.

Clients find that the process provides exceptional value:

‘We worked with the consultant on two major strategic planning exercises, one for a voluntary board and another for Alliance Atlantis. The Solutions Focus planning approach proved to be a highly useful and effective methodology. It helped both organizations fulfill their potential and the planning resulted in clear stretch strategic objectives fleshed out with practical action plans. The outcomes were extremely positive for the organizations and for the management teams within them.’ Norm Bolen, Formerly, EVP, Programming and Strategic Planning Team Leader, Alliance Atlantis Communications; Now, President & Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Media Production Association

How do we consistently get high praise for helping clients develop clarity on the future they want?

Overall…the plan belongs to the organization, not just the key decision makers.  – It centers around the customer  –  It is a living, breathing, actionable plan

What’s different about our approach?

The work is deeply Solution Focused. We  are regarded as one of the leading users of the Solution Focus approach. This thoroughly researched approach has been around for 30+ years and is used to clarify issues and seek paths to solutions. It works rigorously around the client’s existing systems – there’s no right way, just a better way based on what works for you.

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