Working With You

The nature of our client focused projects have ranged as follows:

Our clients can choose to work at three levels with us:

  1. Capitalize and enable short-term project change acceleration with a modest but highly leveragable intervention
  2. Enable sustainable change acceleration in visible organizational change projects
  3. Create value, innovation and growth through customer discovery and strategic planning

Client teams engage us for:

Planning:often strategic, sometimes operational. Where there is compelling need to create sustainable action

Customer focus: when teams need to rally around an external focus. To change their behaviours towards serving others more effectively and efficiently

Team development: when, for example a team needs to embrace a new mission, goals, etc. To create both immediate and sustainable action

Team conflict: when teams need to make visible progress. To align themselves around a specific project resulting in real change acceleration

The methodology is to deeply understand and align with the clients’ goals and processes, work closely with teams, their goals and existing successes, and help them develop action that can be seen to be happening immediately.

Things we can’t do for clients (because they don’t help the client):

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