Alan’s audience evaluation: Rated #1 at conference of 56 speakers
Alan’s audience evaluation: Speaking event at the University of Toronto

They used terms like “energetic,” “full of information,” “useful and helpful,” “jam-packed” to describe your session. The class found the questions you provided very helpful and they said that it would really help them in their work life.

How People Learn: Motivating people to do something different

When your audience leaves do they have  something they can immediately do differently or better? Audience participants want maximum value for the time they spend listening to speakers. They want do something with the new perspective the speaker has given them on the issues they face.

For over 15 years Alan Kay has been inspiring people to do something different through his speeches and workshops.  His approach is based on a methodology that is deeply researched and widely practiced.

Alan has taught adult business students in many different contexts so he knows a few things about how adults learn. His content is focused on producing better outcomes for the audiences he works with.

Topics Alan covers are:

– Leading and coaching teams

– Making change happen

– Discover your personal brand

– Better solutions come from better questions

Video: Alan speaks to a small group

Alan Kay of the Glasgow Group is a Solution Focused change management specialist in organizational and people strategy. Formerly managing director of a marketing & communications business, Alan’s clients cover a broad range of sectors. Alan’s Solution Focus work includes a number of proprietary approaches featured in a variety of books and journals. He teaches executive development students at Schulich School of Business and at the Canadian Marketing Association.