What Clients Say…

  • “Alan gets people to do things.”
  • “Alan helps organizations fulfill their potential – the work results in clear stretch strategic objectives fleshed out with practical action plans.”
  • ‘In a wide cross-section of industry stakeholders with competing and conflicting agendas, and often little understanding of each other what we have is understanding – if not always agreement – and an environment of trust and knowledge on which to move forward.’
  • “Alan has helped us transform our organization. We use Solution Focus it to drive real results, to motivate each other, to improve relationships with stakeholders and to meet our organizational goals. He is an outstanding teacher, facilitator and coach.”
  • “The impact that it has already had on our company has been unbelievable. From those in the field to those who attended from Home Office, the comments have been wonderful.”
  • “We now have a highly confident management team aligned and focused on the same clear set of goals. It’s had a phenomenally positive effect on the organization. Personally, the alignment has given me clarity that I didn’t have before as a manager. I now understand the dynamics, can read situations effectively and deploy the right people resources. The Directors are in a better position to deal with our expanding organization.”
  • “The strategy planning project created a tremendous cultural change in my team. It built teamwork and enabled them to get on a similar page. The new strategy works because it used existing knowledge and group intellect. The approach used was a useful tool: the work never got away from the group, i.e., the problems were never allowed to take over, and we were able to look at things through a new lens. We are seen as thought leaders in the organization – it’s unbelievable.”
  • “The true value related to the introduction of some key concepts that made people think about different ways of approaching projects. Taking this learning experience and applying it to a specific existing project was valuable…it helped to identify specific problem areas and identified areas where corrective actions were necessary.”
  • “Intelligent business meeting facilitation, unorthodox marketing and change management consulting.”
  • “I was greatly impressed by your ability to read the dynamics and personality of the group and, where needed, elegantly adapt the agenda to maximize prevailing interests, awaken deeper understanding or adeptly move past non-issues.”
  • “Your emphasis on thorough planning….helped elevate the conference to a level where everyone felt richly educated and inspired.”

Brand Workshop – Amazing Impact!