Make change happen

Here’s a speech Alan has provided successfully to a variety of audiences

Change is happening all the time. It’s our job to help notice where it’s happening  and speed up the process of making progress.

During change people analyze problems more than look for solutions. This leads to indecisiveness and reduced productivity. How do we help people see that they have the resources to make change happen?

This speaking session gives the audience some necessary tools to help people put change to work their way and right away.

Session outline: Making change happen

–  Change is happening all the time

–  Putting change to work

–  Focusing on solutions, not problems

–  Assessing what’s working

–  Developing alternatives to the problem

–  Making the problem dissolve by doing something right away

Alan blends theory and storytelling with active practice of ideas – the result of this process allows you to implement ideas right away.